Saturday, February 20, 2016

Electric Fireplaces

by Debbie Evans Interior Design

Sometimes we are very limited with fireplaces because of size, depth, venting etc. But most people enjoy the warm glow of a fire and the ambiance and comfort a fireplace gives to a room. A fireplace can change an entire space but we were very restricted over the years. I have been using various electric fireplace installations when I was limited to what I could use in condo projects and tight spaces and I wanted to share some of the installations and design ideas with you.
Wood burning fireplaces and gas fireplaces have clearances that limit options for the fireplace surround as they have to be non-combustible as well as the depth can really impact a room as they can be 24-30 inches deep by the time you build them out. Clearances can also affect the TV installation and height above.  
The photo below shows an electric fireplace that was suppose to be wall hung but you could see the depth of the unit as it projected from the wall and I wanted a flush application. I designed a surround with walnut access panels and the wood on the top and bottom are on magnets so the wood can be removed around the surface of the glass and the glass can be removed for servicing. I had the carpenters re route the heating so it came out the front and voila we now had a 8" deep flush fireplace with TV above that gave us the look we wanted without sacrificing space and the heat is optional with a remote control so you can have the warm glow in the summer and heat in colder months.
The photo below shows the side profile of the fireplace on the right of the photo. The unit is 8" deep and the cabinet in the dining room base cabinet was built through the wall into the adjoining bedroom to house audio equipment for the living room and bedroom. This allowed me to reduce the fireplace depth and base cabinet depth into the room so we had more open space to work with. 
I did a similar installation below in a condo unit as we could not vent a gas fireplace and I did not want to reduce the footprint of the fireplace to keep the space as open as possible. The custom wood surround tied in with the kitchen and looks more like furniture in this room. The side profile shows the depth of the fireplace and built in flush TV.
Front Elevation of fireplace and TV unit below 
The photo below shows another electric fireplace installation that we did as a wall divider and this fireplace has an inside depth so when it is on it looks like a real gas fireplace. A wave tile surround was used with wood paneling and on the inside of the closet we have storage above and below as there is no venting.

Photo below shows the backside of the fireplace with shelving above and below the insert.
If you have questions on anything I have shown please feel free to contact me as I would be happy to answer any of your questions.

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