Friday, December 5, 2014

Treat Your Rooms to Pumpkin Pie Orange

I’ve got pumpkin on my mind. Ever notice how the grocery store has huge displays of canned pumpkin and condensed milk on every aisle starting in October? It’s a good thing for me, because I’ve got a family favorite recipe (see below) for the best pumpkin pie on the planet! I start buying the ingredients around Halloween and make pies all the way through Thanksgiving dinner.

Also around this time of year, pumpkin-hued interiors start looking ripe for the holidays. Really a color that looks great all year round, pumpkin feels like the perfect pick-me-up. Here are a few tips for that perfect shade of pumpkin in your home.

Try pumpkin with sky blue. This tufted chaise longue has great vintage appeal against the soft pattern of the wallpaper.

A monochromatic pumpkin room looks great with touches of black. Notice how the lines of the curvy slipper chairs contrast the angular sofa.

A grouping of plush, pumpkin bar stools has me thinking about cooking for family and friends in this great transitional kitchen. I love the size of this large family-style island. This is a great way to make a large room feel cozy.

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Treat Your Rooms to Pumpkin Pie Orange

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