Wednesday, November 5, 2014

These Windows Let In Light at Floor Height

If you don’t have to-die-for views, but your home could be transformed with a little more natural light, consider the low-set window. Whether it shows off a garden, reveals feet walking by or just offers a glimpse into the world beyond your walls, windows set at floor height can be helpful in many ways. These unexpected window configurations may provide just the inspiration you need to bring more life and light into your house.

Dining drama. When there’s a house directly next to yours, a window that opens to a garden and decorative wall makes much more sense than a more traditional window offering a view into the neighbor’s kitchen or of a blank wall. Decorative pots in the garden add a designer touch.

Greenhouse. A similar approach here makes this garden part of the room, and the greenery is a nice contrast against all that concrete. “Our design maximizes the sense of space on a relatively tight site,” says architect Sam Crawford. Transforming the run-down original house, built to the boundaries in the 1870s, was a challenge indeed.

On display. If you have an art or photo collection worthy of a gallery, windows high and low can create just the expanses of wall you need to show it off.

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These Windows Let In Light at Floor Height

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