Monday, November 17, 2014

Please Touch: Texture Makes Rooms Spring to Life

The physical feel of a room can be just as important as how it looks. But how many people make conscious decisions about the texture of the materials they use when designing an interior? Texture works on a number of levels, from creating comforting, evocative experiences or dampening noise to giving a room visual depth. Imagine these schemes with flat surfaces and you’ll see the important, yet often overlooked, effect of texture in design.

Add some soft and rough. The color scheme here is simple, but the effect is stunning. Look beyond the simple monochromatic palette and you’ll see a range of textures at work. Contrast the matte black wall with the rough surface of the white painted bricks, and the soft, inviting bed throw with the rough, natural-fiber rug. Even the ceiling and artwork are textured. This is an all-over tactile and visual feast.

Mix pattern and softness. Furniture is a traditional way to add texture to a home. This gorgeous Ligne Roset sofa gives an instant sense of comfort and makes a great focal point, with the fabric echoing the pattern of the brick wall in a softer way. You can’t help but sit and get cozy.

Warm up a cool palette. Raw natural materials can add a sense of calm and warmth to a pared-down space. This wood paneling and farmhouse table introduce subtle texture and interest to the white, gray and blue color scheme.

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Please Touch: Texture Makes Rooms Spring to Life

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