Thursday, November 27, 2014

Fresh Take: 15 New Ways With Western Style

In When Harry Met Sally, a couple’s apartment furnishing debate comes to a head over what Billy Crystal’s character deems “a stupid wagon-wheel, Roy Rogers, garage-sale coffee table.” Unfortunately, Western style is often stereotyped as having an overabundance of wagon-wheel, Roy Rogers, garage-sale coffee tables; logs; animal trophies; and Native American accessories. This misconception gives Western style an undeserved bad rap. Designers today are interpreting Western decor traditions with thoughtful mixes of modern and rustic, and cozy and chic. It’s time to shift our perception of Western style and incorporate it in new ways.

1. Add unexpected pops of color. One would expect twiggy rustic furniture on this charming Montana cabin’s porch, but cheerful red is a pleasing surprise.

2. Use quilt patterns in new ways. A traditional quilt pattern takes on a new use as a wall tile pattern in this bathroom. Designer Suzan Fellman recommends choosing a grouting color that matches the colored tiles, as she did with the grout between the red tiles here.

3. Update the trophies. This buck silhouette emits playfully positive chi in this bedroom. Look closely and you’ll spy another contemporary approach to wildlife art: a colorful bear portrait in the bathroom.

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Fresh Take: 15 New Ways With Western Style

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