Wednesday, October 1, 2014

You Said It: ‘It’s Different ... But Then, Aren’t You?’ and More Wisdom

In a week where independence was in the headlines, I found myself looking for streaks of independence around Houzz. During this time when entire TV networks force obsession with resale value upon us, I am always happy to find unique design moves, quirky details and willfully individual spirits permeating projects all over the world. Here are some featured ideabooks that cheered on staunch individualism in the design process. Let your design freak flag fly.

“Today architects such as Robert Oshatz, Bart Prince and Eddie Jones create buildings in the organic tradition that forge a harmony with their environments. Their work is idiosyncratic and highly individualized, but so too are their sites and their clients.” — Andrew Boyne

Yay! We finally have this wonderful explanation of organic architecture on Houzz. In an increasingly cookie-cutter world, having organic architecture is a wonderful thing.

“It’s different … but then, aren’t you?” — Joanna Tovia

Tovia’s talking about the carpeted platform underneath this bed, but the sentiment has much wider applications. It lifts my spirit to see a celebration of individuality exemplified through design. Stop imagining other people visiting or living in your space and think about how you want to live in it.

“The idea was that they would be reinstalled and repainted, but when I saw the boards go up at random, I thought, ‘Oh, my God! I love these!’ — I decided I wasn’t going to do it.” — a homeowner, as told to Mary Jo Bowling

Let’s hear it for happy accidents! These unplanned design occurrences often turn a ho-hum room into a favorite. We couldn’t have come up with this idea (or repeat it) if we tried! A positive side effect is that the boards are great conversation starters.

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You Said It: ‘It’s Different ... But Then, Aren’t You?’ and More Wisdom

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