Saturday, October 18, 2014

You Said It: ‘Change Is Good’ and Other Houzz Quotables

It was due — a You Said It column rounding up quotes, tips and advice grabbed from the Comments sections of stories. Taking several hours to read through those sections was a refreshing way to get my creative juices flowing — a topic readers explored this week. We writers get a lot of ideas from your comments, so thank you for taking the time to leave them, and please keep them coming! Without further ado, here’s what your fellow Houzzers had to say this week.

“Since I have the opportunity to redecorate our whole house, I didn’t want it to be a lateral move. So I am thinking outside my comfort level. I literally have to program my brain not to migrate towards warm colors while looking for furniture and accessories. This has been a fun process, since I love to decorate. Change is good. I believe in do-overs in every avenue in life.” — Houzz user matteosmom

There are such great sentiments in this comment: thinking of doing the same old comfortable thing as “a lateral move” and believing in do-overs. A new-to-you color, fabric or piece of art can give you a whole new outlook and bring fresh energy to your home.

“You can feel the love that was poured into this home.” — Houzz user Sue K

This is the kind of comment that makes a homeowner and a writer so glad they shared the story. Only a truly special home can transmit this feeling through a photo. This unique home, barn and yard belonging to an artist and a blacksmith are overflowing with beloved items and art, and have a very personal style.

“I haven’t used a bathtub in over 30 years, but I’d probably change my habits if I had a tub with a view like this.” — Houzz user midmodfan

You and me both, midmodfan. I thoroughly enjoyed touring this home in the Hollywood Hills. While this bathroom’s corner window gives the room a very contemporary feel, the entire home mixes in plenty of rustic style, creating a pleasing balance.

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You Said It: ‘Change Is Good’ and Other Houzz Quotables

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