Monday, October 6, 2014

Curl Up With Some Dreamworthy Nap Spots

Did you know that September 29 marks the start of Sleep Awareness Week in Australia? (It comes along in March in the U.S.) If not, there’s no need to lose any sleep over it. In fact, doing so would be at odds with the purpose of the campaign, which is to raise awareness about the importance of catching enough z’s every night and to encourage people to adopt healthy sleep habits.

While most adults need between seven and nine hours of shut-eye each night so they feel well rested, rejuvenated and raring to go in the morning, sometimes life gets in the way and cuts into our much-needed daily slumber, which can make us feel tired, groggy, restless and even grumpy.

However, taking a nap when your schedule allows is a good way to catch up on sleep and helps to offset the effects of not logging enough hours between the sheets. Studies have shown that snoozing for just 15 to 30 minutes can instantly perk you up, improve your mood, increase your focus and boost creativity. Experts say the best time to take a daytime doze is between 1 and 4 p.m., so your nap doesn’t interfere with your sleep later that night.

Has all this talk about the benefits of napping made the thought of taking a snooze sound oh so good right now? Before you find a peaceful place for dozing, take a look at these dreamworthy nap spaces that would be sure to see you drift off with a smile on your face.

Hello, paradise. With the hypnotic sound of rolling waves in the distance, water lapping at your feet and a comfy daybed where you can lay back and rest for a while, this idyllic Sydney cabana really is the perfect place in which to indulge in an afternoon doze. Sea air and sunshine also have a calming, restorative effect, which ensures that anyone who naps in this peaceful outdoor oasis will feel fresh and rejuvenated long after they’ve stirred from their slumber.

Sunny spot. Who doesn’t love curling up in a sunny spot for a quick power nap (which, let’s be honest, usually turns into a longer snooze)? This inviting corner boasts all the essential ingredients to ensure a refreshing nap: a comfy seat-turned-impromptu-mattress, plush pillows, a soft and snuggly throw to drape over your body as you doze and a picturesque, leafy view that offers a soothing sight before you close your eyes.

In the mood. Intimate and cozy, this living area offers the promise of rest and relaxation. The subdued palette is key to the room’s snoozeworthy vibe, as are the sheer curtains that wrap around the space — when pulled across the room, they help to create a hideaway within an open-plan area. And let’s not ignore that deliciously plush lounge that was made for sinking into for a nice, long doze.

Curl Up With Some Dreamworthy Nap Spots

Curl Up With Some Dreamworthy Nap Spots

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