Sunday, September 28, 2014

Houzz Tour: The Height of Luxury in a Modern Glass House

“It’s very playful,” says architect Matthew Brumby, referring to this glittering glass house in an exclusive enclave of north London. The impressive structure is a testament to architectural vision.

The project was the brainchild of London-based developer Kearsley, which purchased the site along with planning permission. The company brought in a team of architects, including Brumby, to help build the ultimate millionaire’s crash pad. With funding and a team of creative minds in place, the challenge was to amend the initial plans to create an edgy property — one that would stand out from the Victorian homes on the street and yet still be respectful to its surroundings. “We wanted to create a stunning architectural home in one of London’s premier roads,” Brumby says. “I think we exceeded expectations.”

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Location: Redington Road, Hampstead, London
Architect: Matthew Brumby, Pennington Phillips
Size: 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms

The glass structure is built on the site of a former 1950s cottage on the grounds of an imposing Gothic mansion. Although the properties are now separate, permission was needed to cross the driveway of the larger house to gain access to this one. “It’s a stunning and luxurious home for a couple,” Brumby says. “It’s not really a house for kids.”

The main, open-plan living space is surrounded by towering sheets of glass. These bend over onto the roof, allowing light to flood the property while also giving the owner unobstructed views of the surrounding woodlands.

Darkroom Architecture UK created the imposing fireplace surround, lending the edgy space a more industrial vibe. “It’s an artisan piece,” Brumby says. “It’s poured concrete that’s been layered up with pigment in the process, so it’s not a solid gray. The whole process is very artistic.”

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Houzz Tour: The Height of Luxury in a Modern Glass House

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