Sunday, September 28, 2014

Dream Spaces: Home Offices You’d Be Delighted to Work In

With technology making the workplace more flexible than ever, more of us are working from home offices. This has its perks. You don’t have to struggle with parking or public transport, and you can have your lunch break whenever you want. The downside is that working from home provides distractions, particularly when deadlines are looming: The dog needs a walk; the kitchen sink is breeding new life forms; you need to hang out the washing.

Without a boss noting when you come in, you need to rely on your own will to get yourself into gear every morning. This is when having a fabulous home office can come in handy. If your home office entices you to sit down at your desk, half of the battle has been won. A home office that you enjoy being in can be inspiring as well as practical.

Lamp light. Adding a few table lamps can warm up an office area, particularly when you’re burning the midnight oil at your desk. These lamps paired with the soft-furnished chairs and wall art make for an inviting room.

Window views. If you can’t be out in the garden, you may as well have a good view of it. These paneled windows create the look and feel of a greenhouse, blurring the lines between outside and in.

Soft touches. Office chairs and desks don’t need to look like they belong in an accounting firm. This upholstered modern floral dining room chair is attractive and comfortable. Freshly cut flowers, a side table and a floor rug are soft accents that provide a welcoming atmosphere.

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Dream Spaces: Home Offices You’d Be Delighted to Work In

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