Tuesday, September 30, 2014

15 Cool Rooms and the TV Shows They Want You to Watch

It’s finally time for our “stories” (as my friend Michael calls sudsy TV shows, in honor of his grandmother) to pick up with new episodes again. With ever-changing technology, fall premieres may not have exactly the same urgency they did back when we all waited with bated breath to find out who shot J.R. But it’s still fun, and I am looking forward to catching up with Dr. Mindy Lahiri and Alicia Florrick, Esq., in the coming weeks.

Where do you envision watching your favorite show? I have gathered a few rooms that seem to call out for certain programs and have suggested some coordinating snacks. Who knows, they may even inspire you to try something new (the No. 1 possibility on my list is Madam Secretary starring Tea Leoni). By all means, choose your own shows for your own favorite rooms on Houzz — and share your favorites in the Comments section.

1. Outlander (Starz, catch up at OnDemand).

Marrying the past and the present in Scotland, this room is Outlander all the way. As for our noshes, you are in luck — there is the amazing Outlander Kitchen blog full of recipes inspired by the books to help us. Personally, I like the sound of Crowdie Cheese.

2. The Mindy Project (Tuesdays, premiered Sept. 16, Fox).

With its pops of pink and green, this cheerful room is a more grown-up version of Dr. Mindy Lahiri’s New York City apartment on The Mindy Project. Perhaps it’s for the more reserved British version of Dr. Lahiri. Serve (clean) bear claws.

3. Game of Thrones (Seasons 1-4 HBO Go; Season 5 premiere: spring 2015). 

High ceiling, castle-like proportions, large lantern, elegant grays with a regal red — all that is missing is the iron throne. Host a Game of Thrones party with all your GoT-geek friends. You should serve a feast, buffet style. Chicken legs, sausages, stew or pumpkin soup, hunks of bread with honey. Leave the horse and pigeons off the menu, and beware of anyone dangling a necklace bauble near your wine glass.

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15 Cool Rooms and the TV Shows They Want You to Watch

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