Monday, June 16, 2014

What Goes With a Striped Sofa?

A striped sofa can be a welcome change from basic solid colors. But when your sofa is striped, what do you put with it? Do you play it safe with solids or go out on a limb with other prints? And what about pairing stripes with stripes? If you have — or are considering buying — a striped sofa, these decorating solutions can help.

1. Matching striped upholstery and solid pillows.Have your armchairs covered in identical striped fabric as the sofa, and finish the look off with a cluster of solid-hued pillows.

2. Natural fibers. Jute, coir, sisal and sea grass are casual and beachy, and go with anything — especially stripes. Try partnering your striped sofa with a jute or sisal rug, water hyacinth armchairs and a rope-framed mirror for a fresh, nautical look.

3. Lots of white. Just as with floral upholstery, if you have a bold stripe that is threatening to overwhelm your room, try whiting it out with crisp white walls and white slipcovered furniture.

4. Faded Oriental or floral rug. For a sophisticated twist, roll out a faded rug — the more washed out, the better. Keep the rest of the pieces in the room simple with solid-hued armchairs and pillows, and a soothing color on the walls.

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What Goes With a Striped Sofa?

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