Monday, October 7, 2013

Pantry Placement: How to Find the Sweet Spot for Food Storage

The pantry plays an important role in the kitchen. It provides valuable food storage and helps direct the room’s traffic flow. While there is no single perfect place within all kitchens to put a pantry, there is a sweet spot in yours. Finding that location is a matter of determining your specific household needs and working with the space you’ve got.

The ideal placement. When drawing up plans for a new or renovated kitchen, most designers try to place a pantry in the handiest location: within steps of the primary kitchen work zones.

“I call this the chicken test,” says architect James Crisp. “If you’re making a chicken dish — chicken soup, fried chicken or what have you — you need to be able to wash, cut and prepare it with ease. If you can’t, it’s miserable. This is how I determine where all the kitchen features, including the pantry, should go.”

To gauge where your pantry will fit best for the chicken test, first figure out the arrangement of your work zones — particularly the areas around the fridge, sink, oven and cooktop.

Appliance placement comes first. “The pantry is and should be carved out of resultant space,” Crisp says. “This comes after the kitchen’s primary layout and flow are determined.”

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