Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Graffiti Makes Good as Home Art and Decor

In offhand drawings and vibrant colors and designs, spray paint is right at home in industrial lofts and urban apartments. But even those with more typical homes can incorporate a touch of graffiti style.

“Graffiti is slowly finding its way off of building walls and overpasses to framed artwork, wall treatments and tile,” says Randi Kierce, a designer at Case Design/Remodeling. “It is not solely for contemporary or urban design. It can be easily integrated into a traditional atmosphere as artwork, wall coverings, lamp shade covers or accent pillows.”

Designers today are getting creative with how they incorporate it; because of that, as well as the growing appreciation for it in the art world, graffiti’s negative stigma is fading. Whether it’s a full-blown wall mural or subtler accessories, the colorful spaces below show you how to add graffiti to decor in a wide spectrum of styles.

Pick your spots. Some spaces are geared more toward graffiti than others. Consider the purpose of the area — playful, energetic spaces, like this game room, are ideal, while this kind of color would easily overwhelm a subdued bedroom. The lively typography, painted celebrity figures and red and blue accents work together here to make this a high-energy family hangout.

Go vinyl. Don’t want to shell out the cash for a custom mural from a graffiti artist? This vinyl wall covering is an option for the budget minded. It comes in a variety of sizes, and the fun drawings and colors are kid friendly.

Keep in mind what suits your style. In-your-face graffiti still works best in urban designs. This industrial-style loft, with its exposed brick and metal and concrete accents, is the perfect setting for this hip black and white mural.

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