Wednesday, October 23, 2013

12 Ways to Get the Industrial Look for Less

From the original converted old factories and warehouses that caught the eye of artists and designers looking for cheaper rents, to today’s sleek contemporary lofts, industrial style has caught on and stuck. It’s more popular than ever and shows no signs of going anywhere — and of course, with popularity comes a higher price tag. But you don’t have to spend a fortune to get the look. With a bit of ingenuity and persistence, you can pull together authentic finds, DIY projects and budget pieces to give your pad cool industrial style. Here are 12 ways to bring a little or a lot of industrial style to your home for less.

1. Sawhorse as clothing rack. The industrial look is all about utility — and what could be more utilitarian than a sawhorse? Pick up one of these at the hardware store, plunk it down in your bedroom and toss that pair of Levi’s over it instead of in a heap on the floor.

2. DIY modern photo display. Using cable and horn cleats (like they use on boats) or brackets, create your own unique display space for your favorite photos — black and white, of course.

3. Shop the army-navy surplus store. Pick up real-deal army blankets, trunks and tin plates for the kitchen at bargain prices at your local surplus store. Rough wool blankets are superwarm and tough, and they look great on beds, on sofas or just stacked up on a shelf. Browse through your local store with an eye to repurposing — you never know what treasure you might unearth.

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