Monday, October 21, 2013

12 Fun Light Fixtures Made From Found Objects

Light fixtures are one of the best ways to put a personal stamp on your home. While there are more fixtures available at retail than you could sort through in a lifetime, there’s another way to have a stunning and unique light: create one from a found object.

You can make a pendant or chandelier yourself with a pendant light kit, or have a lamp maker or electrician fashion one for you. (For those who are DIY bunglers, like I am, or are having a hard time finding the right object, I’ve mixed in a few not-exactly-one-of-a-kind fixtures made from reclaimed objects that are available for purchase.)

A birdcage. A vintage birdcage introduces a large dose of texture and a conversation-starting shape over this dining room table. Open your eyes to all sorts of sculptural objects that could take on a bulb or surround a chandelier.

Propane tanks. These rusty old hemispheres add industrial character to this sophisticated kitchen.

A wire basket. The designers wanted to add regional touches to this kitchen, located outside of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. The basket around the bulb was a local find and was easily fashioned into a hanging cage for a lightbulb.

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