Thursday, September 26, 2013

Guest Picks: Whimsical Fabrics for Little Ones

As with any design project, I love to start children’s spaces with fabric — and fabrics with whimsical prints and exuberant colors are very fun to work with. I think that layering youthful patterns on more “grown-up” furniture pieces that will have longevity in your home is a great way to create a kids’ space.

Most of the fabrics I’ve chosen definitely have a kiddie appeal, but I think many of them could also be used in a more general family space, or even an adult one if your tastes lean towards color and whimsy. — Daniela from Aesthetic Oiseau

Star Sunshine by F Schumacher Fabric – $56 »

Stars are classic and bright, and they shine in yellow on this fabulous fabric from Lulu DK for Schumacher. A playroom with curtains made in this would be a great imaginative space for the kiddos.

Butterfly Multi by F Schumacher Fabric – $128.80 »

I absolutely adore butterfly patterns, and the mix of colors is irresistible in this fabric. Perfect for a tween or teen, as it can go soft and sweet or a bit more glam.

Jungle Jubilee Blueberry by F Schumacher Fabric – $92.40 »

This Jungle Jubilee fabric is a recent find and a definite new favorite. I love the illustrative quality of the animals, and I think it’s perfection for a sweet nursery.

Macaroni Punch/Coral by F Schumacher Fabric – $84 »

How can you not love a fabric called Macaroni? It comes in divine colors and is the perfect small-scale pattern for a nursery or young child’s bedroom. I think it coordinates perfectly with the previous Jungle Jubilee fabric too.

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