Thursday, September 26, 2013

3-Season Rooms: Open-Air Living in a Guest Cottage Pavilion

When creating a guesthouse, the golden rule applies: Create a space where you’d love to spend time yourself. “This homeowner loves to head back to the pavilion with a glass of wine and a book,” says architect Heather Young. “The space just draws people to it.” Underneath a gorgeous vaulted ceiling, a toasty outdoor fireplace and comfortable furniture create an inviting open-air space where the owner and her guests can enjoy the outdoor California lifestyle almost every day of the year.

The guest cottage was part of a complete overhaul of the property, which included taking the main house down to the studs and renovating the garage. This is the view from a terrace right off the main house.

“There’s a very strong visual connection between the cottage and the main house,” Young says. “The homeowner gets a view of it as she heads down the stairs in the main house each morning.”

The house and outbuildings are inspired by English cottages, with Craftsman details like a pediment on the pavilion.

The cottage has a bedroom and a full bathroom inside; its living and dining rooms are outside. The roof shades the patio in summer, and the fireplace warms chilly nights. In temperate Palo Alto, the pavilion can be used almost every day of the year.

The homeowner and her guests typically meet up in the main house’s kitchen or under the pavilion for meals.

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