Friday, September 27, 2013

10 Tips for Discovering the Right Palette for You

A palette is one of the first things I notice when I walk into a home. It’s an interesting subject because the wrong palette, or combination of colors, can really disrupt a living space, yet the right palette is different for everyone.

On almost every job, I’m asked, “How do I figure out which palette works for me and my house?” I remind people that the colors they like might not be colors they want to live with or that are right for their home’s architectural style.

Here are some tips for starting the house palette that may have you stumped.

Use nature for inspiration. Mother Nature does it best. If you see colors in nature that appeal to you, translate those colors with paint, fabrics and art.

Yield to a view. If you have incredible views, just let them dictate the palette. Neutrals tend to enhance a view. The landscape and weather conditions will provide an ever-changing scene for you to enjoy.

Paint Sampling 101. If you want to start with paint, then prepare your space. Sample paint against a white backdrop, not against an existing color.

Sample boards work great because you can move them around. Observe at different times of day, and always use two coats. Make sure to sample in the finish you will ultimately be using.

Start with one great fabric. Have you ever stumbled upon that one great fabric that made you declare love right then and there? I have, and that fabric is now a great starting point for a whole room palette. Use it to select paint, rugs and art. The colors don’t have to match, just complement one another.

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