Monday, April 30, 2012

Put a Narrow Hallway to Work

If you have a narrow hallway, are you wondering how to make it visually appealing or more useful? Below are some wonderful examples of how to use your hallway to make an impact.

Get Practical

If your hall isn't too skinny, use the space to incorporate a bookcase. This bookcase is both a storage solution and a design statement.

Here is another wonderful example of placing a bookcase in your narrow hallway.

Another practical storage solution: built-in units that blend with the rest of the hallway.

Don't have the room for a wall of built-ins? Here is a wonderful option that will still give you plenty of storage space without claiming the entire hallway.

What better way to force the eye upward than creating an installation of gorgeous Random Lights?

Try these tricks to tease out storage, style, artwork display and more.

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