Saturday, February 20, 2016

I started working with a new client today through Trade Exchange Canada. I offer my fees 100% for barter and taxes in Cash. 
My client purchased a new home in Langley and hired me to do some Interior Design Consulting for the interior and exterior of his new home. 
After a walk through I noticed a few things that could have a huge impact on the value of the home and his ROI. One of he bedrooms in the front of the home could be expanded by 60" x 144" over the entrance creating a huge second master bedroom and we could create a much more welcoming entrance as it was an odd layout as it stands now. I also noticed we could make changes to his kitchen area and stairwell area creating a large pantry and bar area for the dining and kitchen. We are doing a lot of cosmetic changes overall but the two changes mentioned would add a lot of value for not a significant amount of money or work. 
Through the barter program I will recommend a painter, electrician, hardwood flooring supplier, carpet supplier, Solus Decor for a fireplace surround, and furniture supplier. He will be able to purchase all of this for no cash up front. 
I have completed a large kitchen renovation in the past through barter and the client did over half of the renovation in barter and saved paying out cash for a lot of it including my design fee. The renovation was around $ 125,000.
If you know how to use the Barter System and check pricing then this option can save a lot of cash up front for you. Please contact me for more information.

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