Monday, December 8, 2014

The Most Popular Kitchen Storage Ideas of 2014

Kitchen storage is a favorite topic here on Houzz. We’re all familiar with the dilemma; we add more to our collection — new dishes, holiday serveware, specialty gadgets — and no matter how well we pack it in, more stuff means less available storage.

In come clever kitchen storage strategies. Every year designers offer new ideas and innovative twists on traditional storage. Last year’s most popular kitchen storage photos featured corner drawers, concealed trash cans and appliance garages. Among the photos uploaded in 2014 so far, Houzzers have favored pullout knife drawers, island storage and hidden wine bars. Here are the kitchen storage solutions that have been added to the most users’ ideabooks so far this year. Have you saved any of these photos yourself?

1. Walk-in pantry. Clear food storage containers, such as glass jars, and cookbooks organized by color helped make this pantry the most popular photo of 2014. Almost 120,000 users have saved this photo.

Katie Koentje, an independent organizing professional at Neat Method San Diego, says she created this pantry with kids in mind. “The client wanted her pantry to be kid friendly and also easy for her children to make healthy snack options,” she says. “We used kid-friendly containers so the kids could easily and safely access the food, and made sure that healthy snacks like raisins and other dried fruit were low enough for the children to reach.”

Koentje opted mostly for kid-friendly plastic containers, but she included glass jars for baking products and baskets for bagged items, like chips and bread.

2. Pullout knife drawer. Countertop knife blocks might be the go-to storage solution, but a custom pullout drawer is a creative alternative. So far more than 108,000 Houzzers have added this photo to their ideabooks.

3. Pantry cabinet. More than 60,000 users have saved this photo of a built-in pantry cabinet. Labeled drawers, large shelves and cabinet racks make finding things easy and quick.

See The Most Popular Kitchen Storage Ideas of 2014

The Most Popular Kitchen Storage Ideas of 2014

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