Thursday, November 13, 2014

5 Ways to Open Up a Windowless Bathroom

When planning the interior architecture of a home, whether it’s a cozy house, a slick condo, or something in between, usually the bathroom is one of the last places to get precious window real estate. That leaves many of us with a windowless bathroom that feels a little boxed in. Luckily, designers have lots of tricks for brightening bathrooms. Here are five tried and true ones.

1. Embrace White

White is one of the best ways ((if not the best way)to reflect light through a space. It’s even more powerful than a mirror.

Keep in mind that white can also be introduced through accessories, and not strictly walls. The paint here carries a hint of color, but the room still feels fresh with all the hits of white introduced via the breezy chair, petite rug, tiles and fixtures.

2. Learn to Love Glass and Lucite

If you don’t have a window letting light in, then you won’t want something that takes light away. Polished metal, glass, mirror and Lucite are great materials for adding interest and drama without absorbing light. The space will feel uniform, even if there’s very little color.

More Ways to Open Up a Windowless Bathroom

5 Ways to Open Up a Windowless Bathroom

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