Tuesday, June 24, 2014

8 Creative Lighting Solutions for Food Prep

Lighting can be a real doozy when you’re assembling your dream kitchen. Not only do you need to make sure that key food prep and cooking areas are well lit, but you also have to create a balance between the fluorescents and LEDs so many planning boards require and the softer light sources you desire.

They key to finding this balance often lies in choosing fixtures that not only brighten your prep spaces but also draw the eye away from can lights, fluorescents and LEDs. Here are eight creative ideas for lighting your prep space, no matter what your style.

Oversize pendants with solid shades direct light directly onto this island, offering plenty of light for slicing and dicing. By directing light toward the center of the island, this cluster also softens and diffuses the focus on the eating area, making it ideal for both ways this space needs to function.

A staggered mix of delicate pendants and industrial Edison bulbs delineates the breakfast bar from the sink area here while ensuring that no morsel of baked-on food will escape being washed off.

Can’t see the fixture? Look again. It’s cleverly mounted in the center of the pot rack just below the level of the rack itself, ensuring that hanging pots won’t block the light when this home chef takes advantage of the island’s butcher block.

More Creative Lighting Solutions for Food Prep

8 Creative Lighting Solutions for Food Prep

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