Monday, October 14, 2013

8 Beautifully Different Tub Materials for Bath-Time Luxury

Who made up the rule that bathtubs have to be white? If you love a good soak, make your tub the standout feature in your bathroom. A marble, metal, wood or glass tub makes an instant design statement and is truly a luxurious spot for a bubble bath.

Take a look at these eight stunning tubs to get an idea of what an incredible tub can do for your space, no matter your design style.

Wood. Wooden bathtubs, usually made from waterproofed marine wood, add unexpected warmth to tile and stone bathrooms. This rectangular tub works well with an Asian-influenced design, but I love that it can feel classic, too.

Copper. Copper’s durability and natural patina have contributed to its significant comeback in the last decade. This oval bathtub allows the material’s understated luxuriousness to shine. Surrounded by black river stone, the contrasting copper tub is perfect for this bathroom’s indoor-outdoor feel.

Marble. Although marble is often thought of as a traditional material, this freestanding white marble tub has a distinctly modern look. The circular design flows with the bathroom’s curved exterior wall. The round shapes contrast nicely with the angles on the doors and floor.

Glass. Take your bathroom to a whole new level with a low glass panel that contains the water. Tiled floors and walls and a secure glass installation make it completely waterproof and surprisingly sturdy.

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