Monday, October 7, 2013

10 Reasons to Love Lemony Hues

A friendlier and more versatile hue, you’ll never meet. Working with every style, in every season, and solving decorating dilemmas left and right, yellow is something of a superhero in the color world. Here are 10 reasons yellow deserves a place in your house.

1. Yellow feels right at home in any season. Reds and oranges say fall, green abounds in spring, and cool blues were meant for hot summer days. But yellow is welcome all year long — a major blessing if you don’t want to do much to update your home with the seasons.

In spring and summer, yellow feels as fresh and clean as a bowlful of tart lemons; in fall it blends with the autumn foliage; and in winter it brings the welcome warmth of the sun.

2. Yellow plays well with other colors. I can’t think of another hue that can make other colors feel at home quite like yellow can. If you are a color lover who adores piling on the shades, consider using yellow as your “neutral” — it will pull the whole look together, yet with more energy than a true neutral.

3. Yellow freshens up a traditional room. Formally decorated rooms can verge on being stuffy. Using yellow, which has become so popular for contemporary and modern rooms, instantly makes a traditional room feel up-to-date.

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