Thursday, September 26, 2013

Bye-Bye, Boring Bed

We all know a bed should be comfortable. But there’s something else a bed should be: welcoming. At the end of a long day, when you walk into your bedroom, your heartbeat should slow as you look at this refuge from a fast-paced world. Maybe I expect too much from my bed; but, unless you’re an insomniac, one-third of every day is spent in it. It should be calmingly pretty. Maybe even pretty outrageously cool, pulling you onto it, like a magic carpet ride into your dreams. At least, that’s what the following beds do for their owners.

Warning: The following content may make you sleepy.

This nest-like bed is ideal for Oakland, California, homeowner Jody Brettkelly, who wanted her bedroom to be like a treehouse. From this room, she and her husband have views of San Francisco, the branches of the magnolia tree outside and the clouds. Made of woven rattan, the see-through bed is light and airy.

They intentionally kept the room simple. “We have four kids ages 9 to 15, and we both work full time. It’s important to have a sanctuary clear of clutter and the day’s worries,” says Brettkelly, who oversaw the design and runs the busy lifestyle blog About Last Weekend. Besides the bed from Kenneth Cobonpue, the room’s only other pieces of furniture are Roche Bobois bedside tables. And that bed? Apparently, the same kind Brad Pitt sleeps in.

This is for the bespoke man. And he’s imaginary. That’s because interior designer Brian Dittmar completed this project for the San Francisco Decorator Showcase. His assignment was to design a tailored room where everything is crafted by hand. Dittmar took it on, hiring Bay Area metal artist Paul Benson to create a frame meant as “a homage to art deco skyscrapers,” Dittmar explains.

If Dittmar had designed this for a real client, he would have gone with a king-size mattress, rather than the queen shown.

“The scale of the room and the scale of the bed should be compatible. You want at least 30 inches from the side of the bed to any opposing wall. Otherwise it’ll feel cramped and squeezed in.”

The bed shown here could have withstood a king; but, because it was a show house and many people would be in the room at once, Dittmar went smaller.

Are you a nature lover? So is the woman who designs these beds for her clients.

Tiina Anttila of Lumme Designs was born in rural Finland. “I ended up spending most of my years in the concrete jungles of New York City and later Helsinki. I wanted to dream and sleep in the woods again,” she says of her creation that transported her to the forest.

The beds are made from birch, ash or mahogany. Posts are laser cut into apple trees. Prices start at 9,500 euros. Anttila also makes wallpaper printed with her illustrations (seen here).

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