Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Dip Into Sherbet for Summer Color Ideas

As things steam up here in Atlanta, I find myself like a kid praying for the ice cream truck to come by, craving a tasty sherbet treat. Cruising the sherbet aisle at the grocery store inspired me to look up my favorite flavors in Houzz photos and color guides. Bright hues inspired by raspberry, lime, tangerine, blueberry, peach and lemon sherbet will significantly brighten a room’s mood. Here’s a taste.

eclectic dining room by amanda nisbet

Raspberry. Whether amped up to a bold fuchsia or toned down to a medium pink, this hue of frozen raspberry sorbet is hot. Festive fuchsia in the dining room ensures you’ll never host a dull dinner party.

You can tone down raspberry with warm neutrals and lighter pinks to create a comfortable and relaxing bedroom.

Lime. This tart citrus can electrify a kitchen of any style.

Lime makes the front door stand out; it’s especially becoming with gray tones.

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