Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Modern Beach House With a Custom Twist

Most people have a pretty standard idea of what a typical beach house looks like: blue and white, gold hardware, linens, cottons, and seagrass rugs. But for this East Coast couple, that had already been said and done. Since the couple had just redone a beach house in a traditional style, they wanted their new home on the Chesapeake Bay to be different. 

Designer Bruce Palmer had designed the couple's other house, so they recruited him to tackle this new project. They wanted a place that was relaxed but contemporary, comfortable but cutting edge — a place where they could entertain and feel at home. Palmer created a look he and the clients describe as "SoHo meets the Chesapeake" — a blend of warm colors, natural materials, and modern furniture. 

The clients' last name starts with an S, so Palmer used this as a common theme throughout the house. The curved copper portion in the stunning mirror fireplace surround is an understated tribute to the family's last name. The surround was custom made by an artist in Annapolis, who hand-hammered and molded the copper for the piece. The mirror is actually two-tone — the bottom half is peach, and the top half is clear. 

Wall color: Benjamin Moore Cinnamon Slate 
Rug: Cotton Chenille and Rayon from A.M. Collections NYC

Since the clients really wanted something new and different for this home, Palmer wanted to choose a unique color palette. In the end, the warm colors of the living room textiles ended up dictating the purple and brown palette for the rest of the home. 

Sofa: Vladimir Kagan with Jim Thompson Fabric 
Coffee Table: Vladimir Kagan
Floor lamp: Serge Mouille
Curtains: “Gloria” from Bergamo Fabrics 
Chairs: Papa Bear Chairs by Hans Wegner

The clients wanted to fully appreciate the home's beautiful ocean views. Palmer opened up the first floor, creating a larger space encompassing the kitchen, dining and living room. This main space is on the ground floor, near the front door, so the family can see the water as soon as they walk into their home.

Pendant: Boyd Lighting
Dining table: John Saladino 
Chairs: Vladimir Kagan

The hardwood floors are made of a bleached and limewashed oak that almost has a driftwood feel. The reddish veneer of the cabinetry provides a bright contrast to the understated hardwood. 

Palmer curved the the kitchen island into the same "S" shape as the form on the living room fireplace surround. It is also the perfect shape for guests to sit and chat at while dinner is cooking. 

Cabinetry: Etimoe Veneer from Premier Cabinetry
Barstools: BDDW NYC
Pendants: Plug Lighting
Countertop: Yellow Bamboo Granite
Backsplash: Melagrano Hexagon Tile from AKDO

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